Monday, February 1, 2016


 ¿Qué día es hoy?

Hoy es...lunes. *collective sigh from all students*

This is how many weeks in my classroom unintentionally started.  I wanted to begin class each day with a few simple questions in the target language and use some choral response to really get the blood flowing.  And yet, when the answer was "the first day of an impossible week and WHY ARE YOU REMINDING ME" it didn't always get the positivity I was hoping for.

That's why I have loved reading about the #CelebrateMonday trend going around.  What a way to change our school culture of complaints and defeat to inspiration and encouragement!
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Teachers (and students) around the country have taken to posting pictures from their classrooms that make them smile, even on Mondays.  Young teachers have highlighted successful lessons, students have taken selfies with friends and administrators have boasted about the learning going on in various classrooms throughout their building.  When these things pop up on your feed, you can't help but catch on to the contagious energy and optimism!

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I have also seen many educational leaders begin to post uplifting quotes and messages to inspire their colleagues as they start the week.  Some of my favorite quotes come from scrolling through the #CelebrateMonday hashtag on Twitter and Instagram alike!
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What can you do in your classroom to intentionally focus on starting the week off in a way that students can look forward to?  Can you implement a special ritual on Monday mornings to excite students?  How might your negativity (even unintentionally) in the hallway, in first period or with your fellow teachers impact students on Mondays in a way that is counterproductive to what you stand for the rest of the week?

I challenge you all to participate today (and each Monday) in spreading a chuckle, a compliment, or something that inspires you and tag it #CelebrateMonday.  Perhaps you can even challenge students to take a picture in your class on Monday morning and flood the internet with positivity!

Today I posted this:

To remind students that what feels like hopelessness on a foggy Monday morning might actually be the start of an important transformation in your growth.  What can you post before the day is out?

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