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My name is Maestra Schemmer and I have spent three years teaching Spanish to middle school students.   In the past, I have taught Spanish Immersion Pre-school, Spanish I at the high school level, Spanish for Heritage Speakers, and also a 9 week rotational Exploratory Spanish class for 7th graders.  Most recently I had the privilege of teaching a high school credit course for 8th graders.

A lovely example of my Instagram challenge in Spanish I.
Recently, I went from spending all my free time at school organizing, planning and creating, to becoming a mother!  My husband and I welcomed our first baby girl, Naya, into our family in September of 2014.  It was a challenge to still feel effective at work while spending the majority of my time at home with my baby.  The balance was exactly what I hoped it would be for that season:  challenging and refreshing.  Beginning in the fall of 2015, I will no longer be a classroom teacher.  I will be staying at home with Naya full time.  I cannot wait for this new adventure and the ability this detail oriented mother will have to focus solely on one main thing!

My husband, myself and Miss Naya (3 weeks old).

Our family at Easter.

I discovered my passion for languages (and primarily, Spanish) by two means:  service to others, and international travel.  My desire is to continue to offer students real world opportunities to do these things as well.  I led a group to Peru in 2015 and another group to Spain in 2016.  Where we live now, I feel that we must engage with our Spanish speaking community.  We should interact with and support our World Language Department as a whole:  French, Latin, German and Chinese, too! Because ultimately we hope to stretch our worldviews, challenge our understanding and become better people along the way.  I have long believed that middle school students are the absolute best for so many reasons (hence why I chose to teach at that particular level)...they are in a constant state of redefining themselves and reevaluating where they fit in the world.  If you ask me, that sounds like the perfect intersection in life to find a passionate language learner!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog.  My hope is that through this blog, and my twitter account I can continue to build an interdependent community of learners and teachers.  Come alongside me and share what you are learning!

-Maestra Schemmer

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