Tuesday, March 31, 2015

De Vacaciones

Spring break is just around the corner! To encourage dialogue in the target language, even outside of school, I have come up with a short list of hashtags to give to my students. Last year I did a similar activity, but for a month at a time (you can see that post here). Usually, I give them a hard copy of the list and then I also post the daily hashtag and my contribution on Twitter and Instagram throughout the week.  Students then take a picture each day that represents the given hashtag.  They post a one sentence explanation in Spanish as well and then add the hashtag for the day, and our classroom hashtag.  Since we've been practicing with seasons, colors and clothing...this seems like the perfect way to review and revisit familiar vocabulary and get a little insight into where everyone is over break.

Feel free to use these in your classroom, too, or make up your own list in your target language.  I always encourage the kids to use our classroom hashtag #LMSespañol, but you could incorporate your school or program's hashtag instead.

I plan to give out prizes for students that participate.  Usually I enter their names into a drawing, draw a few winners and then get 4x4 prints made to add to my "Beyond the Classroom" bulletin board in the hallway.

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