Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Year Three.

My goal has always been to improve.  To better myself and what is around me.  To put forth all my energy and all my ability and to come out on the other side more efficient, more creative, or more than what I was at the start.

My first year of teaching was a whirlwind.  An organizational nightmare.  A failure, in many regards.  An experience that any goal-oriented person would have to choose to see as simply a starting point.

My second year of teaching was a step in the right direction.  A fresh perspective.  A renewed source of energy.  An improvement.

And now, year three, I'd like to think that improvement is being accelerated even more.  This year will be defined by huge changes (expanding department, maternity leave, etc) and hopefully huge progress.  This blog is one way I hope to propel myself to continue to think of new and better approaches to teaching middle school students about the beauty and importance of learning languages.  So look around, borrow, share...and enjoy!

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